Parents warned after Poulton schoolgirl kidnap claim

Station Road
Station Road

Police investigating a reported kidnap attempt of a 12-year-old girl say no crime took place.

Officers were called in following a report of an abduction attempt in Station Road, Poulton, at around 3pm on Monday.

Following the allegations, a letter was sent out to parents at Hodgson Academy urging vigilance.

In it, parents were told a female pupil claimed she had been ‘approached by a unknown male’, and pupils were urged to avoid travelling on their own.

Parents at other schools also say they were warned.

But detectives from CID have investigated the claims and are confident no crime took place, the force said this morning.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “After investigating the report of the attempted kidnap of a 12-year-old girl on Station Road in Poulton on Monday afternoon, we are satisfied that no offences have taken place.”

The letter is understood to have been sent out before police concluded their investigations.

The school said it had followed safety protocols in putting out the warning.

Principal, Derek Yarwood, said: "Yesterday it was alleged that one of our students was approached by an unknown male whose actions seriously compromised her safety.

"Our immediate response followed safeguarding protocol.

"The police investigation into the allegation reported by the student has concluded and no further action will be taken.

"I would like to thank the safeguarding team for their swift and professional action that enabled the appropriate message to get to parents and students thus ensuring the safety of our students. I would also like to thank the students for their mature response.

"The academy now considers this incident closed."