Pair who terrorised disabled man jailed

Michelle McGregor and (below) Kizzi Sygrove
Michelle McGregor and (below) Kizzi Sygrove
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TWO women who burgled a disabled man’s home before threatening to cut his throat have been jailed for a total of nine years.

Preston Crown Court heard how the 63-year-old victim rang the police on hearing the sound of breaking glass, thinking a neighbour’s home was being attacked.

Kizzi Sygrove

Kizzi Sygrove

In fact, it was the noise of drunken raiders Kizzi Sygrove and Michelle McGregor breaking into his property on Central Drive, Blackpool.

McGregor then put a shard of glass to his throat as the pair demanded money. They left with a wallet containing £20 cash and two TVs, but were soon caught by police.

Sygrove, 25, and 30-year-old McGregor, also of Central Drive, pleaded guilty to a charge of aggravated burglary.

Alison Mather, prosecuting, said the victim used a wheelchair, having had one leg amputated at the knee. Before going to bed, he made sure his home was locked and secured.

He was still awake at five minutes past midnight when he heard the sound of glass smashing. He contacted police, thinking it was at a neighbouring home.

Moments later he was still in bed when he was confronted by the pair.

Both had hoods covering most of their faces.

McGregor put a piece of glass to the right hand side of his neck, causing a small scratch and demanded to know where his wallet was.

Sygrove went into the kitchen to look for it, but could not find it.

He was told to get out of bed and did that, getting in his wheelchair to get the wallet. Sygrove then went into the front room and removed a 26 inch TV while McGregor grabbed a smaller television.

The defendants left, but were apprehended by the police who were in the area at the time, due to the man’s phone call. They were spotted leaving the address with the TVs.

Miss Mather added “They told police they had sex with the man, that he couldn’t pay and so had given them the televisions for their services”.

The TVs were recovered. Both women had previous convictions on their records.

Julie Taylor, for Sygrove, said she had genuine remorse for what she had done. She had lived half a mile away from the man’s address and there had not been any deliberate targeting.

The defence added: “It was a random attack on the way back to their property.”

The defendant had been making real progress in her life, addressing her alcohol and drug use. She did not keep a doctor’s appointment and ended up using heroin again.

Paul Robinson, for McGregor, said at the time of the offence she had relapsed into drug and drink use.

He added: “Her life was spiralling out of control.”

Sygrove, who was on bail at the time of the offence, was given a sentence of four years and 10 months. McGregor was handed the same term, plus two months on top from a suspended sentence, making an overall total of five years in her case.

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