Pair handed ban after ‘vicious’ attack on staff

Owner Patrick Buckley behind the bar at Casey's Bar, Dickson Road, where a mother and daughter attacked one of his staff
Owner Patrick Buckley behind the bar at Casey's Bar, Dickson Road, where a mother and daughter attacked one of his staff
  • Mother and daughter duo set upon barman after being reprimanded for pouring their own drinks
  • The pair punched their 25-year-old victim in the head before being dragged off by other patrons
  • But the bar’s owner fears they would have done far worse had their “evil” attack not been stopped
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A mother and daughter set upon a barman in a terrifying attack – after being asked not to pour their own drinks in a Blackpool bar.

Michelle Mannix and her daughter Shannon threw their drinks and pint glasses at Stephen Wimbleton in 
Casey’s Bar, on Dickson Road, before scuffling with him and punching the 25-year-old to the head.

It took a group of other customers and staff to pull the pair, both of Finchley Road, North Shore, off their victim, Blackpool Magistrates’ Court heard.

And the bar’s owner has told how he feared the pair would have done a lot more damage had they not been stopped.

Patrick Buckley said: “There’s no justification for that kind of behaviour, the barman was just doing his job and they could have seriously injured him.

“They were nasty and the video tells it all.”

CCTV footage of the vicious attack, captured by the venue’s eight cameras, was shown in court. Both women pleaded guilty to assault.

The court heard how on April 25, the barman returned to the bar to find Michelle Mannix, 52, helping herself to a drink.

When he asked her to move away an argument broke out and both she and Shannon Mannix, 21, threw their drinks at the staff member.

The pair then rushed behind the bar and grabbed Mr Wimbleton and threw punches at him before being pulled off him and ordered out of the venue.

Mr Wimbleton, who has worked at the bar since it opened 18 months ago, said the pair were “out of order”.

He added: “I feel sorry for them that they think it’s OK to conduct themselves in such a manner.

“The owner of this bar has a heart of gold and for customers to treat his staff like that and behave in that manner 
is just out of order.”

The court heard the mother and daughter had recently moved to Blackpool but had troubled backgrounds and were each on a waiting list to see a psychiatrist.

Bar owner Mr Buckley said he tried to make everyone feel welcome in his bar but that he was bitterly disappointed the pair, who he said he knew well, had behaved in such a way.

He said: “This is the kind of bar where we don’t get trouble, we try to make everyone feel welcome.

“But I don’t want to see them here ever again.

“What they did was evil.”

Martin Hillson, defending, said that at the time the pair were mourning on the eighth anniversary of the death of Michelle Mannix’s son.

The pair have been barred from Casey’s Bar, and each sentenced to a two-month curfew between 8pm and 6am and ordered to pay a £150 court charge plus £60 victim surcharge.

Michelle Mannix was told to pay the victim compensation of £182 while Shannon must pay him £28.