Owner’s anger after another cat shot down

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A pet owner has been left distraught after her cat was shot in yet another heartless attack by pellet rifle-wielding thugs.

Katie Galvin’s cat Harry is now recovering at home on Orchard Avenue, South Shore, following the attack which is thought to have happened around three weeks ago.

Katie Galvin and her cat Harry, who was shot with a pellet.

Katie Galvin and her cat Harry, who was shot with a pellet.

It comes after a series of similar shootings in North Shore which killed one cat and left two others injured.

Katie, 69, who owns six other cats, said she would like to see those responsible go through the same heartache as she has, seeing her beloved pet suffer.

She added: “I need to warn other people because there’s quite a few other cats in this area.

“I’ve got seven cats and I can’t keep them in because they’re all self-sufficient.”

She had initially taken Harry to the vets assuming he had a problem with a fur ball, but the vet discovered a pellet lodged in his side.

The pellet narrowly missed his spleen, which would most likely have proved fatal.

She said: “He’s not too bad now, he’s doing quite well.

“If the pellet had lodged in his spleen he would have died, but it lodged in the wall of his stomach instead.

“He’s had to have quite a big operation to get himself fixed.”

Earlier this month The Gazette reported on a number of shootings in North Shore, including the fatal wounding of Balotelli, a cat found by his distraught owner Matthew Morrell, 32, in an alleyway near to his home on Cocker Street.

This was followed by the shooting of Emma Willis’s cat Teddy in nearby Exchange Street, while another cat is also thought to have been shot in the vicinity.

Lancashire Police says it is looking into the incidents.

A spokeswoman for the force said: “They have been reported to us. Neighbourhood policing teams are looking into the incidents to see if anyone else has been affected.”