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Sally Haywood had 62 previous offences on her criminal record.
Sally Haywood had 62 previous offences on her criminal record.
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A PROLIFIC shoplifter has been jailed after going on a crime spree.

Blackpool magistrates heard how Sally Haywood, of Scorton Avenue, Layton, was appearing in court 
having already committed more than 60 similar offences and had become a scourge of shopkeepers in Blackpool town centre.

In one shocking incident, she attacked a member of the public with a needle she was carrying with her when they tried to stop her thieving.

The 36-year-old, yesterday, admitted two offences of shoplifting when she appeared before Blackpool Magistrates Court.

The crimes put her in breach of a suspended prison sentence and she was jailed for 16 weeks by magistrates who told her she was being put behind bars because she had “a complete disregard for the court system”.

Haywood pleaded guilty to the theft of clothing and underwear from Marks & Spencer valued at £95.

She was seen to leave the store with the items. She was brought back by security and the items recovered.

The second offence involved the theft of a £40 bottle of Hugo Boss perfume from Boots when she made no effort to pay.

Stephen Burns, prosecuting, said the crimes were run-of-the-mill shoplifting offences.

“However,” he added, “it is her propensity for this type of offence which is worrying. In her 
interview with police she said she woke up and went into town to shoplift to order.

“She has 62 previous convictions for this type of offence. It is an appalling record for matters of dishonesty.

“And there is some serious offending for drug matters as well.”

Mr Burns said Haywood was subject to a suspended jail term and despite this hanging over her committed the latest offences.

He added: “It was her chance and she has thrown it back in the face of the court.”

The prosecution, who will now seek an application for a criminal ASBO, described an incident in which Haywood stabbed a member of the public with a needle and said she was a danger to those who tried to detain her in shops.

Sue Mugford, defending, said her client had been on new 
medication for her drugs habit which had been working.

It was only when she missed her prescription for the medication did she return to heroin and commit the latest offences.

The defence said there was only one week of the suspended jail term to go and Haywood had complied with probation.

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