‘On alert’ warning over fake currency

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BUSINESSES and residents are being urged to be on their guard and stop counterfeit cash finding its way into their tills and purses.

A number of fake £20 notes have been spent in the Fleetwood and Cleveleys areas recently - most commonly in shops and as payment for takeaways.

And now police have launched an investigation after a delivery of alcohol to a Fleetwood address on March 9 was paid for with counterfeit notes.

PCSO Jeanette Ashworth said: “I would urge anybody that takes payment on a daily basis to be vigilant and to ensure they thoroughly check any £20 notes they are given. The fakes are very good quality but as with any fake notes have no metal strip through the middle and no watermark. “The best way to check notes is by using a special detector pen.

“It is likely many of the monies may have been passed in good faith but I would ask people to be on their guard and urge anybody that come across any of these fake notes to contact Lancashire Police on 101.”

The quality of counterfeit notes varies but key things to look out for are the feel of the paper, the quality of printing, the metallic thread and the water mark.

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