Offender ‘poses a serious risk to children’

Kenneth Trotter
Kenneth Trotter
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A SADISTIC paedophile who abducts children has been made the subject of a court order designed to make sure he never goes to ground again.

But evil Kenneth Trotter argues that the move breached his Human Rights.

Trotter was kicked out of Australia after serving an 18-year sentence for child sex offences.

He was deported to Britain and started his child grooming again.

Trotter, 77, managed to evade the police for three weeks by giving false addresses in Blackpool.

But now police have managed to secure a court order which means he cannot live anywhere in England and Wales without the premises being vetted by specialist sex crime officers first.

Trotter’s objection to the move was overturned by Blackpool Magistrates.

Police prosecutor Sue McLane told the court: ”The last thing we want is any more children to suffer. This man poses a serious threat to children – he is a danger.

“Some of the victims of this sort of crime bear the mental scars for the rest of their lives.”

Trotter was convicted in Australia for sex offences against children including abduction and rape.

The sentencing judge branded him: ”Sadistic, heartless and callous.”

On his return to Britain - he left the UK shores in the 1950s but had dual citizenship – he began his paedophile ways almost immediately.

He registered an address with police which later turned out to be a charity which had never even heard of Trotter.

And then he went to a church group offering teenage girls the chance to work for him canvassing his skills as a sewing machine repairer on a door to door basis.

He offered the Methodist Church youngsters a place in a home he said he was buying.

Det Constable Paul Roe told the court: ”He has been staying at places where there are small children and the owners do not know about his past.”

Trotter claimed that the Sexual Offences Prevention Order which including the police vetting clause breached his Human Rights.

The court heard from an expert in dealing with child sex offenders.

Jacqueline Toro told the court: ”I interviewed him and he categorically denied ever committing any offences and says other people have persecuted him.”

Paul Robinson, defending, said: ”Mr Trotter feels he will never be able to find accommodation in this country.”

The terms of the SOPO also forbid Trotter from having any contact with children.

He must not invite them into his home and must not employ them.

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