‘Nothing short of embarrassing’ - Your views after report says smuggling drugs into Kirkham Prison is ‘easy’

Drug smuggling into Kirkham Open Prison has been slammed as “easy” in a hard-hitting annual inspection report.

Friday, 17th May 2019, 7:20 am
Updated Friday, 17th May 2019, 8:20 am
Kirkham Open Prison

Officers from the Independent Monitoring Board say lack of staff and detection equipment at the Category D jail has led to a worrying rise in drug use during 2018, particularly cocaine.

And the Board has pointed the finger at poor security checks on inmates returning from working outside the jail or on home visits.

As a result the IMB has urged the Prisons Minister to ensure improved detection of drugs at HMP Kirkham, coupled with a more robust clampdown on mobile phones.

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Kirkham Open Prison

We asked for your views on our Facebook page:

Nothing short of embarrassing A search dog team on site, yet a worrying number of drugs inside the prison ‍♀️The staff are not at all safe for as long as the prisoners are able to leave & return unsearched.

Kayley Robinson

Install metal detectors & full body scanners so everyone gets checked..

James Culver

Well considering how easy it is for prisoners to escape, why would it be hard to get stuff in !!

Wendy Elizabeth Norman

Who is responsible for the security there. Is it in house or privatised by whom.

Kath Parkinson

They can’t even keep prisoners in never mind keeping drugs out

Lee Fellowes

Golly. We’re So surprised...NOT. HMP Kirkham you’re are unable to keep prisoners within the prison, and now it’s discovered you have a Drug Problem. Oh dear. Perhaps this establishment seriously needs a change of management.

Liz Ingram

This has been going on for many many years why the sudden concern? They pass the drugs over the fence with other things, you can not tell me the prison staff don’t know about this

Peter Switz

Not just Kirkham Prison, I think drug use is pretty endemic even in the most high security prisons

Richard Cottle

HMP Kirkham is clearly understaffed, lacks the security and technology needed to stop things like this from happening.

Prisons like this are, however, vital and need the correct resources. Yes Prisoners Abscond and that makes it look bad but what’s the alternatives?

Michael James

Too many prisoners let out in error so there’s no chance of stopping drugs getting it

Jacqui Collumbine

The drug barons are highly efficient, the drugs are ready where and when wanted.

Roger Goodred

It’s been like that for 30 years

Olly Byrne

If they got a day job to start with they wouldn’t be in Kirkham holiday camp oh I mean prison

Kelly Batley