North Shore man hid heroin when police knocked on the door

A man tried to hide heroin after police knocked on his door looking to arrest two men.

Saturday, 27th October 2018, 10:26 am
Updated Saturday, 27th October 2018, 11:28 am
Scales of justice will swing towards protecting those with things to hide if new legislation is enacted

Frederick Broadbent, 57, of Claremont Court, North Shore, admitted possession of class A drugs and breaching a Community Protection Order by begging.

He was fined £160 with £85 costs and ordered to pay £30 costs by Blackpool magistrates who ordered the destruction of the drugs.

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, said police knocked on Broadbent’s door on October 3 and saw him through the glass bend down and put something by the stairwell.

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After entering officers checked the area and found some heroin. Broadbent had a record of eight previous drug offences.

Howard Green, defending, said last year Broadbent had a stroke and since then had had a lot of doctors appointments.

Broadbent had been on a prescription for the heroin substitute Methadone. One of his doctor’s appointments clashed with one with the drug rehabilitation agency helping him, so his Methadone prescription was stopped.

He then resorted to buying street heroin. His Methadone prescription had now been reinstated.