No investigation to be held into 'chopped up' sheep corpse found in bin bags in North Shore

Police have confirmed the ‘chopped up’ body of an animal found in bin bags near a Blackpool supermarket was that of a sheep.

Tuesday, 28th January 2020, 5:00 pm
The body was found near the recycling bins. Picture by Sophie Hardman
The body was found near the recycling bins. Picture by Sophie Hardman

The dead animal was found near the recycling bins near Lidl on Devonshire Road, North Shore, shortly before 11am on Sunday.

Police were called at around 11.04am and officers and CSI attended the scene - but they later said there would be no further investigation.

The dead sheep was found by Sophie Hardman, 25, who lives opposite the supermarket.

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She was on her way back from a food shop when she made the gruesome discovery

She said: “As I went past, I saw what looked like body parts. You could see its hooves and on the other side you could see part of the head of an animal. It looked like a donkey - either a donkey or a sheep.

“It was definitely dead. It looked like it had been cut up. There was a large mass inside the bag and the legs looked like they had been cut straight across.

“It didn’t even smell so it must have been left there recently.”

An RSPCA spokesman said the charity had received no reports to its cruelty line.

The corpse was removed by Blackpool Council.

They said: “ We received a request from the Police to remove a bag of what is believed to be animal remains from Devonshire Road. It was removed on Monday afternoon and will now be disposed of by an authorised contractor.”

An RSPCA spokesman said: “The RSPCA is not responsible for disposing of dead animals, this would be the responsibility of the local authority, as we must prioritise animals who need our help. Having said that, we would ask people to report concerns with us if they think the circumstances of the death is suspicious.”