No glossing over lipstick complaints

PC Claire van Deurs Goss has landed in hot water after being caught on TV using applying makeup while on duty.
PC Claire van Deurs Goss has landed in hot water after being caught on TV using applying makeup while on duty.
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SHE is the smiling peacemaker who has found herself at the forefront of the battle to keep Blackpool’s streets safe.

PC Claire van Deurs Goss showed the bravery, courage and humour of the resort’s female emergency service heroines when she starred in this week’s Channel 4 documentary 999: What’s Your Emergency?.

It showed her trying to keep the peace between warring revellers and bloodied men – but her relaxed and friendly style has now landed her in hot water.

Footage showed the officer – who told the programme-makers that “lipstick can often be more effective than a Taser” – applying some lippy while at the wheel of her patrol car.

It has sparked more than 50 complaints to Lancashire Police which today said she had been spoken to by her bosses.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “Lancashire Constabulary expect all our officers and staff to uphold the law and the standards which we strive for in our day to day duties. On this occasion, whether it was a momentary lapse of judgement or not, the officer fell below these expectations and will receive management action.

“While we are disappointed in what we saw on Monday night, this should be viewed in the context of the very positive and brave work our police officers undertake every day, in difficult circumstances.

“The majority do their job with good humour and professionalism and the positive comments and feedback far outweigh the negative ones we have received.”

Meanwhile, Gordon Marsden, MP for Blackpool South backed calls for paramedics to be given more protection after the episode revealed the amount of 
women in the resort armed with knives on nights out.

New figures show of 193 knife-related incidents recorded in the resort in the last 12 months, 21 involved women.

He said: “Obviously, anything that will assist paramedics being protected should be looked at.

“After all, police officers get stab vests.

“In terms of violent offences by women, there are issues which need to be looked at in terms of what’s causing it.”

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