New cameras for vandal hit pavilion

Garry Farley, co-chair of the Friends of Watson Park, shows off the latest damage.
Garry Farley, co-chair of the Friends of Watson Park, shows off the latest damage.
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Vandals who wrecked windows at a park pavilion in Blackpool have been warned they ‘will not win’ after the community building was targeted twice within a week.

That was the vow from Waterloo ward councillor Tony Lee, who says he and ward colleague Coun David O’Hara will fund improvements to security including cameras and lighting at the building in Watson Park.

Coun Lee said: “We will not give in to these vandals. They will not win.”

Police have also pledged to step up patrols in and around the park after 15 small windows, which had been repaired for just hours were targeted for a second time.

Officers said the latest attack happened some time between 5pm on Thursday, February 20 and 9am on Friday, February 21.

A motion sensor camera installed after the first attack the weekend before did not capture those responsible because it had been turned round the wrong way, probably by the bad weather.

The Friends of Watson Park had called upon owners Blackpool Council to install more CCTV, a request the council said it was considering. But Coun Lee said he and Coun O’Hara have agreed to do so by dipping into the £7,500 pot of money they have to make improvements in their ward..

He said:“We were absolutely livid about this latest damage.

“Both ourselves and the Friends’ group have put so much time and effort into this building and the park that we have got to put a stop to this vandalism.

“It is spoiling it for the whole community.

“The four cameras should be in place within three days and we also hope to have lights up around the roof as soon as possible.

“The two neighbourhood police officers have said they will walk around the park more, especially at night, and we had already decided to spend £250 of our ward budget on bikes to help them get around more easily.

Garry Farley, chairman of the Friends of Watson Park, said: “We welcome anything which will improve security at the building.

“Whether they will deter people is the million dollar question because people can be brazen enough to try anything.”

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “We have are aware the Watson Park Pavilion has been targeted by twice by vandals. We are investigating and officers will be increasing patrols in the area.”