‘Neighbour from hell’ evicted from home

Reece Huskinson terrorised the community from the house and neighbouring streets where he lived.
Reece Huskinson terrorised the community from the house and neighbouring streets where he lived.
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A teenage “neighbour from hell” who terrorised a Blackpool community with a pellet gun, mini-motos and even dog faeces has been forced out of his home by police.

Neighbours in Garrick Grove, Layton, today told how their “nightmare” at the hands of 18-year-old Reece Huskinson had finally come to an end after the mid terrace house he rented was closed down under the Anti Social Behaviour Act.

Reece Huskinson terrorised the community from the house and neighbouring streets where he lived.

Reece Huskinson terrorised the community from the house and neighbouring streets where he lived.

In just six months, police said they recorded a catalogue of 35 separate incidents of anti social behaviour against Huskinson, who lived in the house with his then girlfriend and her three children.

Blackpool Magistrates’ Court, which granted a three month closure order allowing officers to board up the property, heard how Huskinson subjected residents to months of verbal aggression and that police had evidence he had a baseball bat, machete and had used a pellet gun.

Residents living in Garrick Grove and nearby Alder Grove today told of their relief and said they are looking forward to having their “lovely quiet community back again”.

Mum-of-two Tracy Fisher said Huskinson’s behaviour had made her family’s life miserable for months and claimed he had several times hurled bags of dog faeces at her home.

She said: “Reece has been the neighbour from hell.

“It all started when he persistently played with mini motorbikes in the rear alleyway. He would rev the engine late into the evenings waking up my two year-old son and scaring him. One day I had just had enough so I went outside and nicely asked him to stop.

“He just hurled abuse at me and aggressively tried to pick a fight. I was really intimidated.

“I went home and my partner went out and Reece threatened him with a baseball bat and machete.”

The 32-year-old of Alder Grove, said she was convinced the stress of living in fear had resulted in the premature birth of her second child.

She added: “Throughout all this I was heavily pregnant and I ended up going into labour two months early. He knew he was intimidating me.

“I would be in the kitchen and he would get on to the roof of the extension across from me and stare. At times I’ve felt like a prisoner in my own home. Once I had to barricade myself in upstairs with the children when him and some of his mates were trying to kick our front door down.

“I was going to hold a party for my son’s birthday but when I went out the back to set up he had thrown bags of dog muck with slits in the bag at the back of the house so I had to cancel.

“It’s been awful, he is scum. He has terrorised us. It used to be lovely and quiet living here and somewhere where the kids could play out. I am just glad the police have managed to get the closure order.

“I just hope now there are no reprisals.”

Neighbour and fellow mum-of-two Cheryl Cooksey claims she narrowly missed being shot by one of Huskinson’s pellets.

The 26-year-old said: “I was taking the rubbish out one night when I heard this ping against the door.

“He had been trying to hit me. It was clearly a pellet gun as I found the pellet and called the police.

“All the goings on were quite intimidating and made it impossible for me to allow my children to play outside.

“Thinking about it now it’s worrying thinking about what could have happened.

“I’m glad the police have got them out.”

Police handed a dossier of incidents and statements from neighbours to support their closure order application to Blackpool Magistrates’ Court.

The court was told how Huskinson and his partner had now split up and moved out of the property.

Chris Keogh, prosecuting for the police, said their behaviour had caused significant and persistent distress. This included riding a mini-moto bike in a dangerous manner.

“Our evidence says there was foul language used to adults and children, criminal damage, threatening behaviour, fly-tipping and stone throwing.

“There was also incidents when dog dirt was thrown into neighbours homes,” he said

Another neighbour in her 60’s said: “It has been awful.

“This was a lovely area and he brought it down. I even considered moving.

“My boyfriend saw him and told me not to confront him as we couldn’t tell how he would react.

“I did my garden up ready for the summer and I only got to sit in it once because he was constantly on that mini moto in the alleyway and the noise and fumes were awful.”

A fellow resident, 74, said: “This man did destroy the peaceful nature of the neighbourhood.

“The rubbish and the motorbike noise has been very difficult to live near.

“The police have done a great job getting them out.”

During the hearing Reece’s father Martin Huskinson, who owns the property, addressed the court.

He said: “What has gone on is disgusting- son or no son- he has walked all over me.

“The house is up for sale but he has denied people access to it.

“It could have been sold a long time ago. I just want to get rid of it. I did ask police for help to get him out.”

Magistrates granted a three month closure order on the property and it has now been boarded up by police.

PCSO Lucy Hesketh of Layton Neighbourhood Policing Team said; “We welcome the decision of the court to grant this initial three month closure order and give the residents of Garrick Grove and Alder Grove some respite from what was disruptive and disgraceful behaviour.

“If we still have concerns after the initial three months that the property will again be host to Anti-Social Behaviour, we will not hesitate to apply for a further three month closure order, as no one deserves to be subjected to the acts these residents had to deal with.”

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