Motorist stopped for doing 105mph on the M55... with a baby on board

Police described the driver as 'inexcusable'
Police described the driver as 'inexcusable'

A driver caught speeding at 105mph on the M55 motorway has been branded ‘inexcusable’ by police, who said they found an eight-week-old baby on board.

Officers from the Roads Policing Unit followed the motorist as they tore down the outside lane of the motorway before pulling them over at around 9.40pm yesterday.

A picture taken from a patrol car’s onboard camera showed the car in the distance, with no other vehicles in the first two lanes.

“Slow down, people,” the unit tweeted after dealing with the driver, who could now face losing his licence.

“105mph on the M55 nr Bpool is inexcusable. 8 week old baby on board too!”

The post attracted a range of comments from social media users, who called on more serious charges to be levied against the driver.

@hendrick25275 said: “Just goes to show they don’t care if they can do that speed with their own 8 week old baby on board.”

@DeclanMorrow added: “Very bad, but lack of police presence and cameras on M55 don’t help.”

And @truefubar said: “People who drive like that with kids should be charged with neglect or endangering life.”

Lancashire Police did not say what action, if any, the driver faced, earlier, but the minimum motorway speed for a court summons is 96mph.

The motorist is expected to get six points on his licence, while magistrates at Blackpool could ban him from the road and fine him up to £2,500, depending on how long he has been driving and what his record is already like.

Last year, a footballer was fined £1,400 and given a six-month ban after his BMW M4 coupe was caught travelling at 156mph on the A1 in Cambridgeshire in March.

In total, more than 2,165 drivers were stopped doing in excess of 100mph in 2014/15.

Of them, 152 were clocked going 120mph or faster, while 43 were doing at least 130mph, with a quarter being BMW cars or motorbikes.