Mother of murdered child killer says no-one would bury her son

Mother of murdered child killer says no-one would bury her son
Mother of murdered child killer says no-one would bury her son
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The mother of murdered child killer David Gaut has said she had to have his ashes scattered in an unknown secret location after no-one would bury his body.

Phyllis Gaut, 76, also told Newport Crown Court in a statement at the sentencing of Ieuan Harley that her "vulnerable" son had been "robbed" of the chance to prove he had changed.

Mrs Gaut said: "My son was brutally murdered by a vigilante because he thought he had the right to sentence him to death.

"Some people thought David was a monster but he was my son and I loved him.

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"He has been taken in the cruellest of ways. He died by being tortured.

"I spoke to (David) Osborne who assured me he would look after David.

"Harley is no better than David. He is a killer.

"David was vulnerable and defenceless and was not a threat to him.

"His death has left me with a huge void in my heart.

"He spent over 30 years in prison for killing Marky (Chi Ming Shek) and had paid for what he did.

"His time in prison left him vulnerable and questioning where his place was in society. He struggled to understand how much the world had moved on since he had been in prison.

"He led a simple life after his release and relied on family and friends he met.

"His crime was unbelievable. We spent some time coming to terms with what he did and I believe his release from prison was a chance for him to do some good.

"Harley has taken that away from me and the opportunity to prove he had changed.

"We as a family have been hounded by the press not because of what happened to David as a victim of a brutal crime but because of what he had done to Marky. I feel like David is being convicted all over again.

"I feel like I have no right to mourn for his death. No-one would bury him. I had to borrow money from family members to have him buried, which we had done in private. I don't even know where his ashes have been scattered."