‘Most wanted’ offender faces up to crime

Wayne Alexander
Wayne Alexander
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A man listed as one of Blackpool’s most wanted has finally faced up to his crime in court.

Three years after Wayne Alexander assaulted a cafe owner he appeared in the dock at Blackpool Magistrates Court.

Alexander had appeared on the front of The Gazette as part of an appeal for “Blackpool’s Most Wanted”.

The faces of 12 men and women wanted on warrant for allegations such as burglary, assault, child neglect, and theft were released by police.

Alexander, 35, of St Thomas Close, Blackpool, admitted slapping and punching his victim in a cafe on Dickson Road.

Magistrates heard Alexander and some friends went to the cafe in the early hours of the morning in October 2008

He became rowdy and a nuisance to other customers.

He then became abusive towards the cafe owner and assaulted him.

Police were called an he was arrested.

Martin Hillson, defending Alexander, said the time it had taken for the case to be heard at court could be explained.

He said his client had initially denied the offence and it was set for trial.

Then the case was taken out because the victim had gone on holiday to Egypt.

Mr Hillson said: “The case then goes silent and it would appear my client thought it had been dropped. However, last week the police published pictures of the so called Blackpool Most Wanted criminals and my client saw his face in the line up.

“He came into court and said here I am.

“As far as the incident itself my client had been drinking a lot that night and he was helping himself to food off friends’ plates and this annoyed the cafe owner.”

Blackpool Magistrates ordered Alexander pay his victim £50 compensation.

The defendant was granted a 12-month conditional discharge.

Alexander is one of three people who have given themselves up to police since the appeal was printed.

An 18-year-old handed himself in at Bonny Street police station in central Blackpool last Tuesday. He was wanted by police for an alleged burglary with intent to steal on Ribble Road, Blackpool.

A 25-year-old, from Ansdell, was arrested and appeared at Preston Crown Court after he was placed on the wanted list for breaching a court order.