More than 1,300 fines handed out in Wyre for littering and dog offences

More than 1,300 fines were handed in Wyre for littering and dog-fouling, between February and April this year
More than 1,300 fines were handed in Wyre for littering and dog-fouling, between February and April this year
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Litter enforcers who handed out more than a thousand fines in Wyre between October and January have matched those figures again in the second phase of a 12 month pilot scheme.

The latest statistics for private enforcement firm, District Enforcement Ltd, show that 1,321 fixed penalty notices (FPN) were dished out in the second quarter of the operation, between February and April this year.

Of those, 1,263 were for depositing litter, 34 were for Public Space Protection Order dog offences and 24 were cancelled.

Of those 34 dog offences, half of them (17) were for allowing a dog to foul in a public space and the other were for allowing a dog to be off the lead in a restricted space.

People caught littering or allowing their dog to foul have to pay £100.

The scheme is being trialled by Wyre Council as a means of dealing with environmental crime in the borough more effectively.

The latest figures are almost identical to those posted in the first quarter of the scheme (1,319 FPNs given out in October to January), when the scheme brought in £8,100 in revenue for the council – this time it raised a bigger sum of £10,104 as more people paid up.

Buy the council said a much larger amount of the cash will go to District Enforcement Ltd, with the council keeping just 12.5 per cent of revenue raised.

Litter enforcers are kitted out with body-worn video cameras and footage is used in evidence.

Only been five penalty notices were issued for dog fouling in Wyre in the 14 months previous to June last year, but District Enforcement says it issued 35 in the first two months of the scheme alone.

Despite its apparent success, the scheme has come in for some criticism from a small minority, with some of the people targeted suggesting that the enforcers were too zealous.

The latest figures also show that 107 formal representations seeking a review of FPNs issued were received, with 87 rejected and 20 accepted.

The council says it brought in the enforcer after a public consultation revealed residents were fed up with litter louts and irresponsible dog owners.

Coun Simon Bridge, Wyre’s street scene, parks and open spaces portfolio holder, stated in his report to Wyre’s full council this week: “ To date, 150 cases have progressed to Court -one of these was found not guilty, one case was adjourned, 88 were found guilty in absence, 10 pleaded guilty by post and 50 cases were awaiting results.”

The areas where the biggest number of FPNs were handed out between February and April were the largest urban areas – 559 in Fleetwood, 552 in Thornton and Cleveleys , 84 on Garstang and 83 in Poulton and Garstang.