Mobility scooter madness

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A WOMAN was caught drink driving – on a mobility scooter.

Rita Killoran, 54, has been banned from the road after she decided to give a friend a lift home while three times over the drink drive limit.

Killoran, of Rathmell Close, Grange Park, was pulled over by police because the passenger was swaying from side-to-side waving his hands.

Killoran pleaded guilty to driving a £7,000 Royale four-wheel disabled buggy with excess alcohol when she appeared before Blackpool magistrates.

The mother-of-two today told The Gazette she was giving her friend a lift home after his 40th birthday party and claims it was the first time she had used the scooter in eight months.

She said: “It was only a laugh so I let him sit on the back.

“I have been driving it for four years and I know the traffic and I wasn’t causing danger to anyone else.

“I’m sensible and a safe driver and I thought I would be all right. He was all right with me doing it and I wanted to do it for a laugh because he needed a lift home and it was his birthday.”

Martine Connah, prosecuting, said how on October 2, at 10am PC Gaven Blaydes was driving along Regent Road, Blackpool, when he saw the single-seater buggy trundling along.

When the officer sounded his horn, the passenger shouted abuse. The buggy was stopped in Cocker Street and the officer smelled alcohol on Killoran’s breath. A blood test later showed 262 milligrams of alcohol in her body, 80 milligrams is the legal limit.

Killoran claims the alcohol in her system was from the night before, and due to the amount of tablets she takes for a heart condition and breathing difficulties, she was still drunk the following morning.

She added: “I was quite upset and fed up so I thought I would have a drink on that night.

“I’m annoyed because I will be out of pocket and I’m now sad that I don’t have any money.

“That evening has cost me £350 because I had to pay £150 for my scooter to be released from the impound.

“I can’t use my scooter now, but I still have to pay £175 a month for it and I’ll have to use taxis because I’m not very good with walking.”

Killoran was banned from driving for two years, fined £100 with £85 costs and ordered to pay the £15 victims’ surcharge.

District Judge Jeff Brailsford said: “You presented a danger to others and yourself. Having a passenger on this vehicle must have affected its stability and I’m surprised you did not tip over under a bus.”

The court was told the ban would hit Killoran hard as she suffered from several illnesses including heart problems and difficulty breathing.