Mindless attack leaves shopkeepers with hefty bill

Heather Meehan of 'Skirts for Flirts', Coronation St, Blackpool.
Heather Meehan of 'Skirts for Flirts', Coronation St, Blackpool.
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BUSINESS owners face bills of hundreds of pounds after a spate of vandalism.

At least four properties were targeted on Coronation Street with windows and doors deliberately smashed.

Police are examining CCTV footage in a bid to find the culprit, following the attacks in the early hours of Saturday.

Heather Meehan, of Skirts for Flirts, said: “It is going to cost us about £750 to cover the boarding up fee, and the price of a new window.

“I only took the business over four weeks ago so I am very upset this has happened. It is hard enough trying to make a business successful without this kind of mindless vandalism.

“We believe the same person targeted all the properties.

“We were able to open up as usual but we have had to close off part of the shop and so will lose a lot of money.”

Roger Miller, of Reads Grill, had part of his front door kicked in.

He said: “It is sheer vandalism which happens about three or four times a year. We need CCTV in this part of the road to try and stop it happening.

“It is about £350 to £400 each time to get it repaired.”

Mary Murphy, of Munchy’s, is also facing a repair bill of several hundred pounds after the glass in her front door was smashed.

She said; “I am very angry because it is just pointless vandalism. One of the shops down here has CCTV and it shows a man smashing the door in as he walked past.

“So we really hope the police can catch whoever has done it.”

Two windows were also shattered on the Coronation Street side of Bella Italia.

It is believed the attacks happened some time between 4.20am and 5.20am on Saturday.

A spokeswoman for Blackpool Police said: “We are investigating these incidents and are examining CCTV footage.”

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