Man with drug habit admits cocaine dealing charge

Stock views of Preston- Crown Court.  PIC BY ROB LOCK'29-1-2015
Stock views of Preston- Crown Court. PIC BY ROB LOCK'29-1-2015
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A man behaved like a “fool” when he started using cocaine at weekends, a court was told.

Anthony Eastwood ended up spending large amounts of money on the drug and also shared it with friends.

It ended in police carrying out a raid of his address on Highfield Road, Blackpool.

The 27-year-old appeared at Preston Crown Court, having pleaded guilty to supplying cocaine and also possessing the drug with intent to supply.

David Clarke, prosecuting, said police executed a search warrant at the address on August 14 last year.

The defendant was not in at the time.

A bag of 4.86 g of cocaine was found in the kitchen. It had an 18 per cent purity and was worth £280.

Some scales were also found in the kitchen, as well as snap bags. The defendant contacted the police by phone later that evening.

He went to see them and took his mobile phone. Eastwood explained in interview that he had started taking cocaine two years earlier.

In order to save money, he had been buying in a larger amount. He had not only been buying for himself, but four or five friends who asked for some from him.

He would give almost half of what he bought to friends and admitted having charged around £20 a gram.

A check of his phone showed a series of text messages, all the way through from February to August, related to drugs. The texts had occurred on a regular basis.

In one instance someone had asked for 10 bags.

Brian Williams, defending, said Eastwood had been a fool. The barrister told the court “Like many young men he got involved in the recreational use of drugs at the weekend and it got out of hand.

“He soon found himself spending huge sums of money on cocaine.

“He started to buy larger quantities and it just snowballed and got out of hand.

“This is not a Mr Big in a drugs world. He is just a young man who behaved like an idiot, criminally of course.

“The proceedings have given him a richly deserved kick up the behind.

“Things have since turned around dramatically in his life. He is now a completely different person and has a completely different lifestyle”.

Eastwood was sentenced to two years’ prison, suspended for 12 months, with 180 hours’ unpaid work.