Man threatened to vandalise Job Centre

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court
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A Fleetwood man angry about being refused a grant vented his feelings at a Job Centre by threatening to “smash the place up”.

Paul Hadgraft, 32, of Seymour Street, was asked to leave by a security guard due to his behaviour at the Fleetwood site and later went on to shout, swear and raise his voice at a probation office.

David Clarke, prosecuting, said the defendant went to the Job Centre on May 31 and was heard to say in a calm manner “I’m going to smash the place up”.

Hadgraft was in the Job Centre because he expected a maternity grant form to be authorised.

He was allowed to make a phone call to speak to a manager and started swearing loudly.

He reacted badly when he was asked to leave and began shouting further abuse and swearing that he would be back later to “smash the place up”.

Within half an hour of him leaving the Job Centre, Hadgraft went to the probation office in Fleetwood and told staff he planned to get a hammer and vandalise the Job Centre.

Preston Crown Court heard Hardgraft was already on a suspended sentence at the time he made the threats but had been making “excellent progress” under supervision.

Judge Andrew Woolman said: “You were having a very bad day that day. You had been doing extremely well on the two years order. You have impressed the probation service to an enormous extent.

“It isn’t acceptable to behave that way to Job Centre staff. They are just doing their job.”

Hardgraft pleaded guilty to the two public order incidents and was given a twelve months conditional discharge and ordered to pay £60 costs and a £15 statutory surcharge.

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