Man stabbed in neck after row

Blackpool Magistrates Court open day pre-pix.
Blackpool Magistrates Court open day pre-pix.
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A row between two men ended with one of them being stabbed in the neck with a six inch kitchen knife.

Gary Threlfall, who told his victim “I’m going to kill you,” told police he had struck out, forgetting that he still had the potato knife in his hand.

The injured victim had been visiting his girlfriend at a flat on Whitegate Drive, Blackpool, when trouble flared with Threlfall who lived in a nearby flat.

Threlfall, 50, has avoided being sent to jail after a judge gave him 12 months prison suspended for 18 months with 18 months supervision and 12 months drug rehab.

He had pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding. On the date of the offence, February 23, there had been bad feeling between the men, said the prosecution.

Charles Brown, prosecuting, said an altercation arose between the pair and the defendant, who was carrying the kitchen knife, shouted: “I’m going to kill you”

The victim kicked out towards him and Threlfall then struck him to the neck, causing a stab wound.

He ended up with a large amount of blood on his clothes, the court heard.

The wound was one and a half inches long to the side of his throat and he was kept in hospital overnight.

John Woodward, defending, said Threlfall was very sorry for what happened.

He suffered anxiety and depression and things had “got on top of him” that day.

There had been a ‘tit for tat’ in a row over the electricity supply. The defendant had been preparing a meal and nipped out to dispose of potato and veg clippings. He didn’t know he had the knife on him.

Mr Woodward added: “There was no deliberate intent to cause any serious harm. He is adamant he didn’t deliberately aim for the venerable area of the body. He is normally a mild mannered man.”

Judge Anthony Russell QC told Threlfall he had got himself involved in a remarkably foolish incident.