Man sold heroin to woman he met in rehab

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court
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A man was seen dealing heroin to a woman he had apparently met at a rehab centre, a court was told.

Dean Brear’s drug deals took place in an alley near his home in Kent Road, Blackpool.

Police detained the woman after the incident, where she handed over £10 in exchange for the drug.

Brear, 41, pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of diamorphine when he appeared at Preston Crown Court.

Harry Pepper, prosecuting, said plain clothes officers were on duty at the time on October 29 last year.

Intelligence gathering led to an alley, near Kent Road, where drug dealing was taking place.

A woman was seen and a male voice could be heard on the other side of a fence.

He asked: “How much do you want?” And the reply came: “Just one”.

She passed a £10 note and a wrap was passed to her.

Officers searched Brear’s home but no drugs were found. He initially claimed he had gone to buy drugs and not sell.

Laura Heywood, defending, said Brear had been taking drugs for a number of years.

“He had met the female at a rehab centre. She said she wanted some drugs,” Ms Heywood said.

“He doesn’t have a history of anything to suggest he has supplied drugs in the past”.

Brear was given two years prison, suspended for two years, with 12 months supervision and six months drug rehab.

Judge Beverley Lunt told him: “For £10 you have put everything at risk, absolute madness.”