Man made knife threat to partner

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court
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A man who wrongly suspected his wife was having an affair held a kitchen knife to her stomach.

Charles Longshaw had warned his partner: “If I find out you’ve been with anybody, I’ll do time for it”.

He waved the knife around in a stabbing motion, before going on to hold it to her stomach.

Preston Crown Court heard she feared she would be stabbed to death.

The 64-year-old man was given a suspended jail term by a judge who told him his behaviour had shown an element of violent, menacing control.

Longshaw had pleaded guilty to a charge of making a threat to kill.

He has also now been made the subject of a restraining order, including conditions not to contact his wife or go to her home in York Street, Blackpool.

Benjamin Lawrence, prosecuting, said the couple had been married since 1980, but there had been difficulties since last Christmas.

The defendant had erroneously formed the view she was having an affair.

On January 12 she got up at 7am and went to the kitchen.

Longshaw, now of Monks Close, Manchester, asked what she was doing up and went on to suggest she was having an affair.

Mr Lawrence told the court: “He picked up an eight-inch kitchen knife.

“His wife says he was raging, waving the knife around in a stabbing motion, saying ‘this is what I’ll do to you if I find out you are having an affair’.”

Longshaw moved the knife towards her stomach and she felt the tip as he threatened to kill her.

Chris Hudson, defending, said Longshaw had had a serious illness. He was now in remission and still taking medication.

Mr Hudson said: “Because of drink and because of his illness, he had a loss of self control.

“It was the culmination of the realisation the marriage was over. He could not really cope with it. There will now be divorce proceedings”.

The judge, Recorder Simon Killeen, told Longshaw: “The way you treated your wife that day demonstrated an element of violent, menacing control which is completely and utterly inappropriate and no doubt, was terrifying for her”.

Part of the reason for not jailing him was what his wife had said, that he needed assistance and support.

The defendant was given 20 months prison, suspended for two years, with 15 months supervision and a domestic abuse programme.

For four months he will be on a night-time curfew, from 7pm to 7am.

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