Man lunged with knife after turning up at ex’s home

PRESTON: Crown Court
PRESTON: Crown Court
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A man who turned up at his ex partner’s home 24 hours after they split up lunged at one of her friends with a knife.

Preston Crown Court heard how Christopher Brown also began to wreck items in her garage.

But afterwards Brown and others went on to have a night out in Blackpool.

However, the following morning police were called when he grabbed his ex-partner by the face and tried to kiss her.

Brown, 22, of Walverden Avenue, South Shore, was given two years supervision by a judge at Preston Crown Court.

He pleaded guilty to one offence of affray, another of damage and two of battery over what took place last April.

The incident happened on Longway, Marton.

Stephen Parker, prosecuting, said the couple, who had had an on-off relationship for a number of years, had broken up 24 hours 

On April 13, a number of friends, mainly men, were at the address. Brown turned up unannounced, though he claimed he was expected.

The door was opened and the defendant stormed inside, shouting.

An argument developed in the kitchen between him and his ex-partner.

Brown picked up a kitchen knife and lunged towards one of the house guests but no contact was made.

His former partner managed to take the knife from him.

He then went into the garage.

Mr Parker told the court: “He was described as going mad. He was changing between being upset and then very angry the next moment.

“He picked up a crowbar and began causing damage to items in the garage, smashing a clock off the wall and hitting other items.”

Someone went into the garage and tried to calm him down, only to be hit on the head with the crowbar. Brown eventually did calm down.

“In spite of what had gone on, everyone present thought they should put the incident behind them. All of them had a night out in Blackpool afterwards, all drinking together”, added the prosecution.

They returned to the home in the early hours and Brown stayed over. At some point the next day, when he and the young woman were alone, he grabbed hold of her arm and her face and tried to kiss her, something she wasn’t interested in.

Jacob Dyer, defending, said: “He was highly emotional, upset and angry at the end of the relationship. He was under the influence of alcohol.

“He was effectively smashing his own things which were in the garage.

“He accepts it was a disgraceful episode.”