Man ‘kicked out at club’

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court
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A man who kicked someone outside a Blackpool nightclub has avoided being sent to jail.

Kristian Lewis was said to have kicked out, having been struck himself and thinking the same person was getting up from the ground near Club Sanuk.

He was given a four-month sentence, suspended for a year by a judge who accepted he had been the victim of the first blow from the person he went on to kick.

The 25-year-old defendant, of Upper Westby Street, Lytham, had pleaded guilty to an offence of affray which was carried out in July last year.

Natalia Cornwall, prosecuting at Preston Crown Court, said another man had been out with friends in Blackpool that night.

His last recollection was feeling a hard strike to the side of his jaw while inside the premises, having a verbal discussion.

The man woke next morning, having sustained a number of injuries.

CCTV showed he had been forcibly removed by a number of bouncers from the club.

At one point, the defendant approached and kicked him. It seemed that he had punched at another male.

Lewis went on to give a prepared statement to police, saying he had himself been assaulted inside the club.

He had gone outside and seen that man getting the better of someone else, so kicked out.

Roger Brown, defending, said the victim had struck the first blow and went on to be overwhelmed by doormen and thrown out of the premises.

“The defendant asserts he thought the victim was getting up, having just been attacked by him, when he accepts he kicked him. There is a dispute as to where he kicked him.

“If the victim had not started this, with the greatest respect, the defendant would probably not have been in the dock at court”.

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