Man jailed for drunken assault on partner

Gareth McNulty, 31, of Sixfields, Cleveleys.
Gareth McNulty, 31, of Sixfields, Cleveleys.
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A MAN who carried out “a vicious” drunken attack on his partner has been jailed.

Preston Crown Court heard how 31-year-old Gareth McNulty grabbed the woman by the hair, squeezed her throat and stamped on her stomach four times.

The attack occurred after the pair spent the evening drinking at an ex servicemens club in Cleveleys.

McNulty, of Sixfields, in the town, had earlier admitted an assault charge over the incident which took place last July.

The court was told how violence had broken out after the couple arrived back at her address on Cavendish Road, Bispham, in a taxi.

Roger Baldwin, prosecuting, said the couple had been in a relationship for around two years at the time.

There had been no previous assaults, or threats by the defendant.

His partner said he had never even raised his voice to her or been controlling or jealous.

On the evening before the offence arose, they had been to the Wings ex servicemens club. McNulty drank heavily that night.

They arrived at her home and when she was going into the house, he grabbed her by the hair.

Inside he grabbed her hair again and she ended up banging her head on a wall.

The woman slumped to the floor and he struck her to the left side of the head.

In an effort to get away, she kicked McNulty in the groin.

The prosecution said the defendant then leaned on her with all his weight and grabbed her throat, squeezing and making it difficult for her to breathe.

When she started to get up, he kneed her in the stomach.

He went on to pull her head backwards and she felt her hair “ripping loose”.

McNulty stamped on her stomach around four times.

He later told police “I would never wish to hurt her, I love her.”

The woman later made a statement and said she had no intention of resuming the relationship.

Amanda Johnson, defending, told the court: “He remembers nothing at all about the offence.

“He fully accepts the account given by his former partner.

“He doesn’t know what her desires are, so far as his future is concerned.

“He would like it to continue, but would respect her wishes. What happened could be viewed as an isolated incident.”

McNulty was jailed for nine months.

Judge Simon Newell told the defendant he had carried out a vicious assault. There was no alternative but an immediate jail term.

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