Man fires shotgun at sister’s bungalow

Brad Goldbourn (below) left this shotgun hole in a window at the bungalow in Rockville Avenue, Anchorsholme, while his sister and her partner were inside.
Brad Goldbourn (below) left this shotgun hole in a window at the bungalow in Rockville Avenue, Anchorsholme, while his sister and her partner were inside.
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A BUSINESSMAN jailed for opening fire on a Blackpool home while his sister and partner cowered inside has been branded as “reckless” and “stupid” by a top judge.

Brad Goldbourn used a 12-gauge shotgun to fire two rounds at the bungalow on Rockville Avenue in Anchorsholme – leaving his sister and her partner terrified.

Brad Goldbourn, 38,  from Coleridge Avenue, Anchorsholme.

Brad Goldbourn, 38, from Coleridge Avenue, Anchorsholme.

The 38-year-old gunman was jailed for two years and three months yesterday after a judge at Preston Crown Court told him it was only down to “luck” no-one was seriously injured.

Judge Simon Newell said: “He (the partner) must have been terrified, as must your sister.

“It was luck that stopped an injury and the potential of a fatal injury occurring.”

The court heard Goldbourn, of Coleridge Avenue, Anchorsholme, had gone to the bungalow in a bid to frighten his sister’s partner because he feared she would get back together with him after trouble in their relationship.

He arrived at the bungalow in the early hours of September 16, and fired once at the lock on the front door before firing a shot through the bathroom window and into the kitchen.

In the immediate aftermath, neighbours spoke of their terror after being woken up by the sound of gun fire.

Lisa Bakker, prosecuting, said: “His sister began to shout ‘B.G.’ [Brad Goldbourn] stop it, because she believed her brother was responsible.

“While she was shouting that, her partner was calling the police and while doing that they heard a second loud bang which appeared to be coming from the toilet area.

“In fact the firearm had been fired and gone through the opaque window and through the open door and caused damage in the kitchen.

“They could hear the defendant outside saying ‘are you calling the police, you better be calling the police, you better be scared.’”

Goldbourn was arrested after handing himself into police.

Officers found the 12-gauge up and over shotgun loaded in his car, with extra cartridges.

The businessman, who had owned restaurant and catering businesses, owned the gun legally and used it for clay pigeon shooting.

He pleaded guilty to one charge of possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear and violence.

Elizabeth Dudley-Jones, defending, said Goldbourn had been going though a difficult time after finding himself unemployed, and was extremely protective of his older sister.

She told the court: “His intentions were not malicious that night, they were motivated out of a sense of loyalty to his sister.

“This is an isolated incident.”

But Judge Simon Newell said, despite Goldbourn’s good character and the continued support of his sister and family, what he had done was “stupid” and “dangerous”.

He said: “I have to go back to the stupidity and danger of what you did on that particular night and the use of a shotgun to express your displeasure.”

Neighbours on the quiet street previously told The Gazette they had been left scared by the events which unfolded at the bungalow.

One 67-year-old woman said: “It’s frightening because we sleep at the front of this house and it’s very close to what happened.”

A 60-year-old resident added: “It’s the last thing I expected living here and it’s quite scary.”

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