Man demanded his elderly mum and dad’s life savings to pay off drug dealers

A man forced his elderly parents to hand over their savings.

In the space of six weeks, former British Telecom engineer Nicholas Askew was given £8,000 which he said he needed to pay off drug dealers .

Askew, 48, of Lythe Fell Avenue, Halton, Lancaster, admitted engaging in coercive and controlling behaviour towards his parents aged 87 and 86 whom he lived with.

He also admitted assaulting both of them and committing criminal damage to their home.

Blackpool Magistrates Court

District Judge Roger Lowe, sitting at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court, remanded him in custody and sent him for sentence at Preston Crown Court.

Peter Bardsley, prosecuting, said Askew started to demand money from his vulnerable parents to pay for drink and drugs.

He said he would pay them back with money from his benefits.

His demands culminated in him frog-marching them to cash machines to make withdrawals on their credit and debit cards.

In all this was £8,000 in six weeks,” said the prosecutor.

He said during this time Askew assaulted both of them. He grabbed his mother round her neck and shook her. He pushed his father to the floor and kicked him.

The judge heard that Askew was being threatened by his drug supplier to repay a debt. The dealer had also threatened to harm Askew’s parents and their dog.

Askew had damaged property in his parents home including oil paintings and ornaments .

They handed money over to him because they were in fear of him and would give him up to £1,000 at a time.

The judge said he was sending Askew to the higher court because the offences were aggravated by the victims’ ages.