Man burgled homes after smoking drugs

Grant Tuckley
Grant Tuckley
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A man looking to put his criminal ways behind him “reverted to type” after taking cannabis, a court has heard.

Grant Tuckley, 22, of Dalton Street, St Annes, pleaded guilty to two charges of burglary, and asked for six other offences to be taken into consideration.

He stole electrical items and cash from two neighbouring houses in Dalton Street, St Annes, but later gave himself up to police when an innocent friend was arrested.

Lisa Worsley, prosecuting at Preston Crown Court, said a family woke one morning to realise a burglary had taken place in their home overnight.

Two windows downstairs were open and an X-Box, iPad, Kindle Fire, two mobile phones and £25 cash had all been stolen.

Around a similar time, a separate burglary had taken place at another address on the same street, where a computer and iPhone were taken.

The couple living at the first address were given the name of a possible offender.

Miss Worsley added that the other male was arrested and out of concern for his friend, Tuckley then effectively surrendered himself to police.

He made a full and frank admission when questioned by officers and all the property went on to be recovered.

Tuckley appeared at court as a ‘three strikes’ burglar, having previous burglary convictions in 2011 and 2012.

Rachel Woods, defending, said he had been doing relatively well since his release from prison last July.

He had been co-operating with the Probation Service and got a job in telesales.

However, he lost the job through having to take time off for probation sessions.

The barrister explained “He was doing his best to try and make a fresh start with his partner, who seemed to have a positive effect on him.

“Having smoked cannabis, he very stupidly reverted to type one night.

“He went out and did these two house burglaries. They were not particularly well planned.”

Miss Woods added: “Within a few hours he learned of a friend’s arrest who had nothing to do with the offences. He went to the police station.

“It shows a degree of maturity in him surrendering himself to the police.

“He apologises for what can only be described as crass stupidity. It puts him back in custody”.

Tuckley was given a jail term of 876 days.