‘Malicious’ sex attacker jailed

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court
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A man who broke into a woman’s flat and subjected her to a terrifying sexual assault has today been handed an 11-year extended sentence.

Paul Judson-Jones, of Branstree Road, Mereside, threatened to return with a sawn off shotgun and set fire to the flat if his victim contacted the police.

The 26-year-old barged into her home one night after a boy went to the address asking to use the toilet. He then attacked her and stole £2,000 worth of property from the Marton flat.

Judson-Jones pleaded guilty to two charges of sexual assault and one of burglary. A judge at Preston Crown Court today sentenced him to eight years in prison, with three years extended licence to follow.

The court heard the woman was so traumatised by the incident in November last year that she didn’t sleep in the weeks afterwards and was too scared to go out. She described herself as being reduced to a nervous wreck, with every noise making her jump.

The defence barrister said although Judson-Jones had a bad record, he had never committed any sex offences in the past.

He disagreed with a probation officer’s view that his client was a walking time bomb, waiting to explode, and that would harm somebody one day.

Judge Robert Altham said Judson-Jones had not felt or shown any remorse and was concerned only with himself.

He told him: “Your behaviour was so malicious, including the gratuitous use of sexual violence and threats, calculated to cause maximum psychological harm, that one is driven to the conclusion you are someone who takes some satisfaction in causing harm to others.”

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