Ma Kelly’s attacker jailed for 16 months

Ma Kellys cabaret bar in Talbot Road, Blackpool
Ma Kellys cabaret bar in Talbot Road, Blackpool

A reveller who stamped on people during a fracas in a nightclub has been jailed for 16 months.

Nathan Burdon, 24, of Edgeway Road, Marton, launched the shocking attack in front of club goers at Ma Kellys cabaret bar in Talbot Road, Blackpool, on May 17.

His victim was punched several times and was knocked to the floor, where he lay unconscious.

Burdon admitted affray and wounding at Preston Crown Court.

Prosecuting, Susan Carter described how in the run up to the attack, at 12.30am, the victim’s wife was in the bar with her husband. who was chatting to another guest.

She adds: “His wife was seen to grab his arm as if pulling him back.

“There are a number of punches to the face, he goes to the ground and is rendered unconscious.

At that stage, because of that incident, all the people on that table are affected like dominos. Another man goes to the floor.

“The defendant then runs around the bar area. He is seen to run towards the melee and stamp on a person the prosectuion say he believed was the complainant, though this can’t be proven.

“On exiting he grabbed a pint glass and had a stand off with the staff.”

Burdon, who has previous convictions for assault, was identified and interviewed by police. In the interview he said he had been acting in self defence.

He said he had drank wine and beer and believed he had been going to be attacked himself.

The victim suffered a fractured eye socket and ribs, along with chipped teeth and a bust lip.

He was referred from Blackpool Victoria Hospital to the maxillofacial unit at the Royal Preston Hospital.

Sentencing him, Recorder Jeremy Lasker said: “Whatever was said or done prior to the violence was absolutely no excuse for the way you handled yourself. In my view you just completely lost it.”

The defence

Defending, Julie Taylor said Burdon had suffered learning difficulties and as a youngster had suffered a trauma when he found a younger sibling drowned.