Latest convictions from Blackpool's court - Monday, January 21, 2019

Here are the latest cases from Blackpool Magistrates' Court.

By Digital reporter
Monday, 21st January 2019, 9:33 am
Updated Monday, 21st January 2019, 10:44 am
Blackpool Magistrates' Court

Nickolas Davies, 18, threatening behaviour and causing damage

A teenager caused trouble after an all-day drinking session in which he downed 16 pints.

Nickolas Davies hit a man on the head and repeatedly kicked a shopkeeper’s bicycle.

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Blackpool Magistrates' Court

Davies, 18, of Whitwell Avenue, South Shore, pleaded guilty to threatening behaviour and causing damage.

He was sentenced to a six months community order, ordered to serve 24 hours at an attendance centre and told to pay £85 costs with £85 victims’ surcharge by Blackpool magistrates.

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, said a witness was with friends when he saw a group of youngsters outside Headline News, Lytham Road, messing about with a bicycle belonging to the shopkeeper on September 6 at 9.45pm.

Davies repeatedly kicked the bike and when a friend of the witnesses told him to stop he hit the man on the head.

When interviewed he said he had been drinking and had had 16 pints. Davies was given a conditional caution by police to pay £175 compensation to the shopkeeper but he did not pay.

Davies told magistrates that he had been very drunk that day. He could not pay the compensation as he had only just stared self-employed work.

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Latest convictions from Blackpool's court - Saturday, January 19, 2019

Kirsty Russell, 33, dishonestly failing to notify a change in circumstances

A woman cheated the public purse out of over £8,000 when she worked more hours than she was allowed to without declaring it.

Kirsty Russell, 33, of Dickson Road, Blackpool, pleaded guilty to two offences of dishonestly failing to notify a change in circumstances.

She was sentenced to a 12 months community order with up to 15 days rehabilitation to be supervised by the probation service, put on an eight weeks curfew from 9pm to 6am and ordered to pay £85 victims’ surcharge.

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, said Russell illegally claimed £8,274 in Employment Support Allowance and housing benefit from Blackpool Council between August 2014 and April 2017.

Inquiries by benefit fraud investigators found both Russell and her partner had worked more than the 16 hours allowed.

Russell had worked for a resourcing company and a catering firm and had had a job on Blackpool’s Central Pier. Her partner had worked for a leisure firm and a food company.

Gerry Coyle, defending, said his client, who had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity had spent a day in the cells.

She was in a bad place at the time of the offences and she now fully appreciated what she had done was wrong.

Sinead Byrne, 26, assault

A woman lunged at a female police officer with a knife and frightened her best friend.

Sinead Byrne, 26, of Keswick Road, Blackpool, pleaded guilty to assault by causing fear of injury to an emergency worker and her friend.

She was sentenced to a 12 months community order with up to 30 days rehabilitation to be supervised by the probation service, put on a six weeks curfew from 9pm to 6am and ordered to pay £50 compensation to each victim.

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, said Byrne was staying with a woman friend in Blackpool when she started ranting, made cuts on her face and arms and began to grab knives and scissors on December 16 at 9.30pm.

Her friend called the police as she feared for her safety and that of her young son’s.

When officers arrived Byrne lunged at a woman constable with a knife. The friend said she saw “pure terror” on the officer’s face.

Gerry Coyle, defending, told magistrates: “This was a case of psychological harm. There was no physical injury.”

Byrne was not drunk and had not taken drugs and had no intention of harming anyone but herself.

Mr Coyle added: “It can only be assumed she had some sort of breakdown. “She has mental health issues. Her two children were removed from her and live with her mother. This appears to be one of the issues which is breaking her heart and causing her to behave like this.”

Brandon Wilson, 20, theft

A man seen putting food down his trousers in a supermarket on Boxing Day said he had stolen it on purpose to get money for the bus home.

Brandon Wilson was described as going off the rails after his mother died last year. Wilson, 20, of Buchanan Street, Blackpool, pleaded guilty to theft of BBQ ribs and chicken valued at £13 and failing to answer bail and attend court.

He was given a 12 months conditional discharge and ordered to pay £13 compensation.

Wilson went into Sainsburys, Whitegate Drive, and was seen putting food down the front of his trousers on December 26 and leaving without paying.

Outside police apprehended and searched him and the food was found in a rucksack he had.

Wilson said he had been drinking in a nearby pub and lost his bank card. He stole in Sainsburys hoping the police would be called and then decided to sell time stolen items to get money for a bus home.

Brett Chappell, defending, said tragically his client’s mother had died in the middle of last year.

She had been his rock and support and it hit him like a ton of bricks.

His life had then spiralled out of control and he had substance and alcohol rehabilitation problems plus mental health difficulties with anxiety and depression.