Laser pen child rapped over shine nuisance

Blackpool Police
Blackpool Police
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Stamping out anti-social behaviour has been the priority of police in Garstang this month.

As well as recovering a quantity of cannabis from a 16-year-old boy sniffed out by a police dog, a 12-year-old boy in the Catterall area had a laser pen seized and destroyed after a resident reported repeated issues with the pen being shone into his home.

PCSO John Holland launches crackdown on anti social behaviour

PCSO John Holland launches crackdown on anti social behaviour

Officers also closed down a house party where underage drinkers were present after receiving complaints from neighbours about the noise.

Garstang neighbourhood policing team launched Operation Crank on October 11, in response to concerns from residents about anti-social behaviour and criminal damage caused by teens and young drivers.

Police also handed out a number of Section 59 orders to motorists who were seen driving in such a way they were causing harassment, nuisance and distress.

If any of those drivers receive a second warning, their vehicle will be seized.

PCSO John Holland, said; “Residents in Garstang have raised a number of concerns recently about the behaviour of some young people in the area.

“However, it is important we do not demonise all young people because of the actions of a small minority.

“Garstang needs to be an enjoyable place for everyone, whatever their age.”

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