Landau-driving drug pusher jail term upheld

Bottles of "Liquid Love" found at the Bailey Avenue flat of Ben Brown (below).
Bottles of "Liquid Love" found at the Bailey Avenue flat of Ben Brown (below).
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A body builder who drove a horse-drawn carriage on the Blackpool seafront by day – but pushed party drugs by night – has failed to convince top judges he was too harshly punished.

Ben Edward Brandon Brown, 22, was prosecuted after police raided his St Annes flat in November 2011, discovering 1,000 bottles labelled “ten-ten liquid love”.

Ben Brown

Ben Brown

A further 9,000 bottles were standing in line, ready to be filled with the party potion, London’s Appeal Court heard.

Analysis revealed the bottles contained a cocktail of water, vodka and blue colouring agent – as well as small traces of the Class B drug, Mephedrone.

Brown, of Bambers Lane, Marton, was selling the bottles in local clubs, said Mr Justice Openshaw, and “passing it off” as the clubbers’ drug “ten-ten liquid love” – a potent fusion of ecstasy and GHB.

The judge who sentenced Brown said he was clearly involved in the drugs enterprise from the outset – “organising, buying and selling on a commercial scale”.

He had “substantial links to others in the chain” and would have expected a “substantial financial gain”.

Party-loving Brown, a regular fixture on the Blackpool night club scene where the drugs were sold, was jailed for three years at Preston Crown Court in November last year after he admitted possessing a controlled drug with intent to supply.

His day job was driving a landau on Blackpool seafront, taking holidaymakers up and down the parade in his horse-drawn carriage.

He lived a lavish lifestyle, and posted a photo of himself on Facebook standing in front of a £170,000 Bentley Turbo.

His case reached the Appeal Court as he challenged his three-year term – which Mr Justice Openshaw ruled entirely fair. The judge, sitting with Lady Justice Hallett and Mr Justice Jay, said Brown was involved in dealing drugs worth £20,000 on the street, although others were also implicated.

“We are unable to say that a three-year sentence was excessive,” he concluded.

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