Knife wielding mum spared jail

Gavel and scales
Gavel and scales
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A mum who “flipped” after a night out drinking and threatened her partner with a knife in front of their son has been spared jail after a court heard she is determined to turn her life around.

Ashley Spencer-Hughes, 20, of Webster Avenue, Marton became threatening after a night out in Blackpool on January 24.

Earlier that evening she had phoned her partner and said she was staying at a friend’s house but when she returned, drunk, at 5am her partner asked her to stay downstairs as he was sharing the bed with their son.

Spencer-Hughes refused and launched a violent attack, smashing a mirror, a TV, and punching him in the face.

The man managed to get out of the bedroom and rang Spencer-Hughes’ grandfather to take the baby to safety.

As the child and his father sat on the settee waiting for help, Spencer-Hughes became more violent, picking up a knife in each hand and making threats.

The man was reminding Spencer-Hughes their son was sitting beside him but she continued to point the knife in his face, threatening him.

When her grandfather arrived, the woman raised both knives above her head but her grandfather struck her.

She fell back on the sofa but as she got up her grandfather struck her again, enabling him to take her son to safety.

As the pair left the house Spencer-Hughes’ partner barricaded himself in but she continued to try and force her way in.

When police arrived she had to be restrained.

The court heard the woman had suffered mental health problems.

Recorder Robert Pearce, sentencing, said: “Children who experience violence, even when they are not the victims, suffer long-term harm.”

Spencer-Hughes, pleaded guilty to affray.

He handed her a 12-month sentence suspended for 12 months with a 15-month rehabilitation requirement.