‘Kill cops’ pervert jailed over threats

Keith Barrow has been jailed for making threats to kill police officers.
Keith Barrow has been jailed for making threats to kill police officers.
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A PERVERT convicted of making indecent images of children threatened to kill the police officers involved in his case.

Keith Barrow told his probation officer he would not comply with a Sexual Offences Prevention order and, if he was sent to prison, he would buy a gun and shoot the police officers.

Preston Crown Court heard the 46-year-old, formerly of the Promenade, Blackpool, also threatened to go after the officers’ families.

His remarks were taken seriously and Barrow was charged with making threats to kill.

Jon Close, prosecuting, explained a sentence of 18 months supervision was imposed at Guildford Crown Court in January last year for offences of making and possessing indecent images of children.

He said: “His behaviour throughout the proceedings was a cause of concern. He was volatile, unpredictable.

“It appears he was unhappy with his guilty plea. Attempts were made to withdraw that plea. He blamed his legal team, refused to accept his conviction and also blamed the officers who investigated the case.”

Barrow was living in a hotel in Blackpool when he had a meeting with a probation officer on January 19 last year.

Mr Close added: “He claimed he wouldn’t comply with the conditions of the order and should the police arrest him he would kick them and break their legs.

“He said if the police were to arrest him and he should go to prison, he would sell his van, buy a gun and shoot three to four police officers.

“He made threats to shoot the police officers involved in the previous investigation, saying they had wrecked his life and if he couldn’t get to them he would go after their families. After shooting officers he would turn the gun on himself, he said.”

Barrow pleaded guilty to making threats to kill although he maintained he could not remember what was said to the probation officer.

He was sentenced to 27 months in jail at Preston Crown Court yesterday. A restraining order was also made not to contact two particular police officers.

Barrow Rachel Woods, defending, said: “He doesn’t have the means or the criminal sophistication to have done any of those things he claimed he was going to do.

“He accepts in making the threats, in the circumstances he did, it was bound to lead to some genuine concern on behalf of the recipients. But he had no idea where those officers reside.”

Judge Pamela Badley told Barrow: “That was a very wicked thing to say, particularly because all of the individuals, the police officers themselves, were public officials trying to help you in order to ensure you become a decent member of society.

“Your frustration with regard to the way in which your conviction had been misunderstood was not to be held at their door.

“Threats to kill are always looked at seriously because it is the effect upon the person listening that has to be ascertained.

“Whether you had the intention to carry out those threats is entirely a different matter.”