Judge: ‘Your records are utterly depressing’

Judge Christopher Cornwall
Judge Christopher Cornwall
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Two men with “utterly depressing” criminal records tried to burgle a store.

Joe Mosson and Michael Bailey were caught on CCTV at the back of Store 21 on Lord Street, Fleetwood, as one of them used a metal bar to force a fire door.

Both have been given suspended prison sentences by a judge who told them: “Your records are utterly depressing.

“How much human misery is contained in those offences you have committed over the years, no-one can tell”, added Judge Christopher Cornwall.

Mosson, 33, of Lord Street, Fleetwood, and Bailey, 53, who is temporarily staying at Medlock Avenue, Fleetwood, had both pleaded guilty to burglary with intent to steal.

The burglary was carried out at the clothing and home furnishing store on the afternoon of September 7 last year.

Karen Brooks, prosecuting, said staff were inside the premises at the time. A manager working on the shop floor was told something had happened to the rear doors.

CCTV showed the two defendants and another man stood at the back of the building. Mosson was filmed handing a metal bar to Bailey.

Bailey then used the bar to manipulate the fire exit safety doors. As they opened the door, the men all moved away, but returned 90 seconds later.

They went in, but came out around 40 seconds later.

Two and a half minutes later they went in for another forty seconds, but all then left.

A large open area inside the premises was used for storage.

The stock was checked, but nothing had been stolen.

Mosson was arrested in Fleetwood. He claimed he had been looking for someone earlier.

“When I realised it wasn’t a dwelling I came straight out”, he told police. He spoke of having been with his cousin.

Bailey gave a similar account when interviewed by officers. Both men had numerous previous convictions.

Louise Kitchin, for Mosson, said he had an unenviable record but, more recently, his offending rate had slowed down. He had been addicted to alcohol and drugs for a considerable period of time.

“He has worked hard to kick that addiction and asserts that he is now clean.

“Under the influence of others and under the influence of alcohol, he went to the property, believing his cousin lived there.

“He entered the downstairs warehouse type area, which was effectively empty. He accepts going upstairs and opening a door at the top.

“As soon as he saw the store room couldn’t be a dwelling he left immediately”.

Julie Taylor, for Bailey, said he had spent 14 weeks on remand in custody.

“He entered the store room at the rear of the shop. There was no confrontation and fortunately nothing was taken.

“It was a spur-of-the-moment offence. He has got himself drug free. He says he is fed up with his addiction and lifestyle”.

Mosson was given 46 weeks’ prison, suspended for two years, with two years’ supervision and a four-month long curfew, to run from 8pm-6am each night.

Bailey was given 32 weeks’ prison, suspended for two years, with two years’ supervision and an 18-month drug rehabilitation programme.

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