Jilted thug gets 12 months in jail

Blackpool Magistrates' Court
Blackpool Magistrates' Court
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A spurned lover who subjected his ex partner to a catalogue of terror has been jailed for 12 months.

Joshua Brodie, 21, stared straight ahead during the hearing as his mother, grandad and sister watched from the public gallery.

The background is an acrimonious relationship breakdown

Brodie, of Normoss Avenue, Blackpool, admitted theft, stalking, assault, and breaching a non molestation order.

Prosecuting, Andy Scott, said: “The background is an acrimonious relationship breakdown.

“She reported on August 3 she was walking to the shop when the defendant drove past, stopped, got out and tried to grab her bumbag. He punched her in the face causing cuts inside her mouth.

“On August 5 an interim non molestation order was issued preventing him having contact with her. On August 17 she reported she was at her home and the defendant attended. She asked him to leave but he then returned into the address having scaled onto a flat roof and climbed through an upstairs window.

“She was pushed and her ID card was taken from her. He then made off.

“On another occasion he walked in through an unlocked front door and threatened to smash the TV. He went upstairs and stole items of her clothing.

“The same night at 11.50pm she was again at home, she was upstairs and heard noises downstairs and he was in her property.

“He asked her why she was dressed up and wearing makeup and told her she wasn’t going out. That was before pulling her hair with one hand and picking up her handbag with another,

“As she was calling police she heard a loud noise as her front living room window was smashed.He was arrested on Wembley Avenue on August 23. In interview he denied any wrongdoing.”

Defending, Julie Taylor said a letter to the court made it “very clear he is genuinely remorseful”.

She added his previous long term partner had confirmed there were no issues when they were together.

She added: “The antagonism was both ways on some occasions.”

Judge Simon Newell said: “Relationships break down. Yours broke down.

“Your previous relationship broke down successfully, if I can put it that way. But in this particular case it didn’t resolve.

“Over a period of time, there was behaviour by yourself that may have been provoked but you should have been old enough and wise enough not to respond to the provocation.

“You should have realised when the non molestation order was made that was the end of the line. This young woman was harassed over several weeks and it caused distress.”