Jealous man jailed for ‘dreadful’ attack

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A jealous man attacked his girlfriend with his fists and a bin after he suspected her of cheating on him.

John Lyons was caught on CCTV repeatedly punching his victim in what a judge described as a “dreadful” attack.

John Lyons, 35, Cheltenham Road, Blackpool - common assault with a bladed article and taking a mountfain bike without consent.

John Lyons, 35, Cheltenham Road, Blackpool - common assault with a bladed article and taking a mountfain bike without consent.

The 35-year-old was jailed for 12 months and eight weeks at Preston Crown Court.

Prosecutors said at the time of the attack he was on a condition of bail not to contact the victim who was staying at a hostel on Derby Road, North Shore.

Jacob Dyer, prosecuting, said the defendant managed to get into the building and his girlfriend woke to hear shouting at about 6.30am on February 18, this year.

He was shouting “Who have you got in there?”

She recognised his voice.

Lyons was trying to convince her to go for a drink with him. She refused to do that.

The woman walked with him to the front door. Lyons was saying: “I’m going to make you lose your hostel”.

She later opened the door, concerned that he might smash it after he was shouting for her to get out. The attack began when she stepped outside.

“There were punches to her face and head”, said Mr Dyer.

“She put her hands up to protect herself, but it continued. She went to the ground and it seems he tried to kick out at her, to some part of her body.”

The woman stumbled into the reception area, but the violence continued. Lyons carried on throwing punches at her.

Lyons, of Cheltenham Road, North Shore, pleaded guilty to offences of common assault, having a bladed article in a public place and taking a mountain bike without the owner’s consent.

He was jailed for 12 months, plus another eight weeks on top for breaching an earlier suspended sentence.

Hours after the attack, Lyons was seen drinking from a bottle of wine nearby on the street. He asked a member of the public where he was and the handle of a knife was seen poking out of a jacket pocket.

He told the witness he wanted to speak to his girlfriend about her allegedly sleeping with another man. The knife had a four-inch blade.

Lyons had arrived on a mountain bike which had earlier gone missing from a flat, also on Derby Road.

Egil Orndal, defending, said Lyons was no stranger to drink or using cannabis. 
Lyons had had treatment for his drink problem, but then “fell off the wagon” around Christmas.

“This offence occurred when he was in drink. He has had some mental health issues. He wanted her to go for a drink with him.

“He has now spent almost three months on remand.”

Judge Christopher Cornwall told Lyons his behaviour had been dreadful.

“You were riddled with suspicion as to how she was behaving when out of our sight.

“The CCTV footage is quite distressing to watch. It is 6.30am and you are landing punches on her face and head, causing her to go to the ground. This is the woman you love. This is the woman who apparently loves you and is standing by you.”