Jail for violent thug who bit his partner

Wigan and Leigh Magistrates Court
Wigan and Leigh Magistrates Court
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A man has been jailed after assaulting his partner and threatening to burn down her friend’s house.

Jamie Bowman, 29, pleaded guilty to six offences in total including two of assault, one of theft and one of making threats at Wigan and Leigh Magistrates on Wednesday.

She tried to call police on a phone they had given to her because she was a high risk domestic abuse victim – but Bowman took the phone.

Glenn Anderton

The court heard that Bowman, of The Hamlet, St Annes, had a history of domestic violence and had assaulted his partner at her Wigan home on September 16.

Glenn Anderton, prosecuting, said: “The victim then left her home for a few days but when she returned, she discovered that her bank card which had been in her handbag at the property had gone.

“She emailed the defendant to ask him if he had it. He replied saying he had and wanted to meet up to return it.

“She refused to see him so he said he would leave the card and some cash near the entrance of Ince Cemetery.

“She drove to the cemetery and found the cash but them Bowman appeared from some bushes at the other side of the cemetery.

“She ran back to her car and got in but the driver’s side window was open and he leant in and took the keys.

“She tried to call police on a phone they had given to her because she was a high risk domestic abuse victim – but Bowman took the phone.

“It is then that he bit her hand, causing swelling, a bruise and a cut.”

The court heard how Bowman then called one of his partner’s friends and demanded to speak to her.

Mr Anderton said: “He asked where she was and said if she didn’t tell him, he would burn her house down with her and her son in it.”

He also called the victim’s mother in breach of a non-molestation order which was issued in June banning him from contacting her.

The court heard how the offences meant Bowman had also breached a suspended sentence he had been handed for a similar offence in March.

But Louise Barrow, defending, said Bowman was sorry for his actions and had tried to kill himself as a result.

She said: “He feels like he has let himself down, his family down and her family.

“He felt like the only way to solve the situation was to take his own life.

“Police found him on Tuesday morning and took him to hospital and then into custody.

“He says he did push his partner but it was in self defence as she was attacking him.

“With regards to what happened at the cemetery he says it was her who was attacking him and that might be how she hurt her hand.

“He admits taking the phone but says he was going to give it back to her later.”

Bowman was sentenced to a 58-week custodial sentence and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £180 and court costs of £180.