Jail for man who stole from tragic Karen

Police outside the home of Karen Marshall (below) on Fulwood Avenue, Grange Park.
Police outside the home of Karen Marshall (below) on Fulwood Avenue, Grange Park.
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A man has admitted stealing from a woman found dead in her home.

As 34-year-old fun park worker Karen Marshall lay dead on the couch at her home, her handbag was rifled by 18-year-old Ryan Wilson.

Karen Marshall

Karen Marshall

He knew keen gardener Karen was dead when he stole her Post Office card from her bag, a court heard.

Carefully waiting for money he knew would be arriving into her account at one minute after midnight on July 30, he then visited two cash machines in Blackpool, removing £200 each time.

Wilson admitted the two thefts from the dead woman and breaching a detention and training order imposed when he was 17.

Meanwhile a police murder inquiry following the death of Ms Marshall, who lived on Fulwood Road, Blackpool, goes on.

Detectives are awaiting the results of toxicology tests. She was a keen Manchester City supporter and last year split up for her fiance. She lived alone in a first floor flat.

At yesterday’s hearing, Sharon Child, prosecuting, said that Wilson, formerly of Gorton Street, Blackpool, had become embroiled in the inquiry after police discovered he had used the dead woman’s cash card.

She said that Wilson had no permission to use the card and the money would have been part of the dead woman’s estate.

During his interview with police Wilson said that he had been invited to stay at the woman’s flat.

He said he went out and on his return found her what he thought was asleep on the settee and did not try and wake her up.

He went to sleep and when he woke he found Karen Marshall’s side and hands blue coloured.

“She was dead,” said the prosecutor, “Wilson did contact the emergency services but not before taking her Post Office card.”

Sue Mugford, defending, said her client denied any involvement in the woman’s death and had not been charged with anything to do with her death.”

Magistrates sentenced Wilson to 60 days in jail.

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