Jail for baton attack drug debt ‘enforcer’

Daniel Walters who has been jailed for 16 months.
Daniel Walters who has been jailed for 16 months.
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A man attacked his drug customer with a weapon while trying to enforce a drug debt.

Daniel Walters beat his victim with an ornamental baton he found at his home on High Street, Blackpool.

He struck him another 10 times as he demanded repayment over £250 of cocaine.

Walters, 27, of Mexford Avenue, Blackpool was sentenced to 16 months in jail on Monday, having earlier pleaded guilty to a charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm.

The offence dated back to last July.

Catherine Cundy, prosecuting, told Preston Crown Court the victim had bought £250 worth of cocaine from the defendant. Walters ultimately demanded payment of £500.

The victim planned to pay him on July 12, but the defendant contacted him on the 7th, wanting his money.

Walters went on to barge into his home and ask when he would get the cash.

He punched the man to the mouth, making his lip bleed.

He then picked up the baton that had been hanging behind a door and told his victim “You need to get my money today.”

After being told that couldn’t be done, Walters went to strike him with the bat.

The victim raised his left forearm in a defensive action and it took the full force of the blow.

The defendant then continued to hit him while the victim was still sat on a sofa, making contact with his shins.

Walters then hung the bat up and asked the man when he could get the money. He threw a remote control and a mobile phone and said he would be back later.

The victim was treated at Blackpool Victoria A&E and his left wrist was put in plaster for around six weeks.

Miss Cundy added: “He was devastated by what had happened, having turned to drugs at a low point in his life. For some time after the event he had been fearful of going out”.

Walters had previous convictions including a 43 month jail term handed down in March 2010 for being concerned in the supply of crack cocaine and heroin.

Chris Hudson, defending, said the weapon used had been a small baton, made of light wood, brought back from Benidorm and looked like a police truncheon.

“It was not taken to the scene by the defendant. In his angst and irritation he picked up the ornament and used it.”

Following his last jail term, Walters had moved to the Blackpool area to try and get away from drugs and bad influences. He made efforts to get his life on an even keel.

Mr Hudson said: “He got himself involved in drugs again. He was good friends with his victim who was having a bad time.

“He wanted some drugs and the defendant got £250 worth for him.

“The defendant himself was under pressure and wanted his money back. To his shame he attacked and quite seriously assaulted him.

“He has not re-offended since”.

The judge, Recorder Timothy Ryder, said the man had clearly been terrified.

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