Jail for addict who attacked amputee

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court
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A drug addict who robbed and attacked a disabled woman in her own home has been jailed for four years and three months.

Preston Crown Court heard Shelli Mia Walsh had fallen into a “deep abyss of drug and alcohol abuse” when she carried out her crimes.

Shelli Mia Walsh

Shelli Mia Walsh

She stole a mobile phone during a robbery at a woman’s home in Blackpool, which included punching her at least four times to the head and face.

The court heard Walsh, 42, attacked the woman who had had her right leg amputated below the knee after she forced her way into the victim’s Princess Court home demanding a glass of water in April last year.

Once inside the defendant got herself some water and then asked the woman for £4 but the victim said she had none, prosecutors said.

Walsh picked up a mobile phone and took it. The victim placed a hand on her arm, but Walsh pushed her in the chest, causing her to fall on to the bed.

When the disabled victim got up, Walsh punched her to the head and face up to six times, before walking off.

The injured woman, who was unable to open one of her eyes for two days, tried to follow Walsh into the street, but she carried on her way.

Walsh also stole from another woman in her own home.

The victim of that theft was a woman living on Whitegate Drive, Blackpool, who had just undergone surgery for a heart related problem.

She was so shocked to wake up and find Walsh in her home she had to call an ambulance.

It was also discovered the defendant had helped herself to £60 on July 8, last year.

Walsh, of Deepdale Road, Blackpool, pleaded guilty to robbery and theft.

Jailing her for 51 months Judge Robert Altham described her crimes as “absolute cowardice” and said there “must be a lengthy prison sentence.”

The defendant had 35 previous offences on her record. She sat crying in the dock as details of her crimes were outlined to the court.

Wayne Jackson, defending, said Walsh had been in a “deep abyss of drug and alcohol abuse”.

She had now been remanded in custody for five months. It had been a wake up call for her.

She put on two stone in weight, ate well and was tackling her drug addiction.

Mr Jackson said “She is deeply ashamed of the facts of the case.

“She doesn’t actually recognise the person described in the prosecution case.

“She is deeply remorseful.”

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