Jail for drunken dad who swore aggressively at sobbing two-year-old he had left in a dirty nappy all day

A concerned woman bravely stepped in to confront a drunk father when she heard him screaming obscenities at his two-year-old daughter in Bispham.

Friday, 13th July 2018, 3:00 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:46 pm
Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court

Preston Crown Court heard the toddler, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, had been left in a soiled nappy all day since her dad had picked her up from her mother's home.

Police eventually found her at his home amid "squalor", surrounded by empty crisp packets and trying to open a packet of sweets on her own.

The dad, who can't be named due to a a legal restriction to protect the child's's identity, was seen staggering down Red Bank Road with the sobbing youngster trailing behind him.

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She heard him shouting: "I'm not f***ing picking you up. You're f***ing going to bed, you f***ing naughty girl."

The defendant, who is in his 30s, had denied neglecting a child in a manner likely to cause her unnecessary suffering or injury to health, but was found guilty following a trial.

He admitted a charge of possessing cannabis in relation to a wrap found at his address and is now starting a 12 month jail term.

The offence happened during the period of a suspended 14 month jail term for a burglary, fraud, and criminal damage against a woman.

The court was told during those offences he poured bleach on a woman's clothing, snapped her hair straighteners, threw food around and left a trail of blood around her home.

He also stole her purse and withdrew £20 using her cash card.

Prosecuting, Rachel Woods said he was still subject to the requirements three months later when the shocked passer-by became aware of him violently shouting as he walked along Red Bank Road in Bispham.

She added: "It was only when she got closer and observed the defendant, who appeared to be staggering, that she saw there was a little girl behind him who was crying.

"She was sobbing her eyes out and appears she was imploring him to pick her up.

"Very quickly she concluded it was the little girl she was shouting at. She stepped in and approached him after she heard him shouting obscenities.

"She was met with various abusive comments and foul language. She asked where he lived and he asked her to mind her own f***ing business. It was quite clear he was drunk."

The witness called police, who later arrested the man at his home.

Ms Woods said: " They found the child sitting on her bed surrounded by empty crisp packets. It appeared she was trying to open some sweets."

In interview he claimed he had only had two drinks and denied he was drunk, and did not feel his behaviour was neglectful towards the child.

However at the end of the interview he started to accept he was intoxicated.

He also admitted a string of other breaches of the court order.

Recorder Simon Medland QC described his conduct as " violently aggressive and abusive".

He said: " She was appallingly distressed by your behaviour.

"You then turned your abuse to the bystander

"When police raided the address they found your daughter in squalor in a dirty nappy.

"I see you've been sentenced time and time again to suspended sentences, which don't seem to have had any great effect on you.

"I'm afraid by your own actions you've now reached the end of the line.

"This is a wholesale failure on your behalf."