‘Impulse’ thieves are sentenced

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Two friends broke into a first floor flat and stole a pair of speakers.

Martin Clarke and Gary Simpson were with another man when the door was forced open at the St Helier’s Road, Blackpool, property.

A judge accepted that the crime appeared to have been carried out on impulse and he gave the pair suspended prison sentences.

Clarke, 24, of Grantham Road, Bispham, and 29-year-old Simpson, of Halton Avenue, Cleveleys, both pleaded guilty to burglary.

They were each given 17 weeks’ prison, suspended for a year. with 80 hours’ unpaid work.

Simpson alone was also placed on 12 months’ supervision. Three men had knocked on the communal door at the block of flats in March. After being let inside the main part of the building, banging and shouting was heard.

Two speakers were stolen, one of which was found just 50 metres away.

Chris Hudson, for Simpson, said the two friends had been drinking all day. A decision was made to go to the flat to get some cannabis.

Simpson knew the man who lived there and believed he would have cannabis. He later had a crisis of conscience and left a stolen speaker on the pavement outside.

Stuart McCracken, for Clarke, said that defendant described his actions as “ridiculous, stupid and drunken” and apologised for his behaviour.