‘I was blowing my nose on a leaf, honest...’

Kirkham Prison
Kirkham Prison
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A prisoner who broke out of jail told an officer he was blowing his nose on a leaf when he was caught hiding behind a tree.

Marshall Tung, 29, of no fixed address, was serving a sentence for burglary at HMP Kirkham when he made his jail break on September 10.

But just two hours after he fled the category D prison, he was spotted hiding behind a tree in Greenhey, Lytham by a woman who alerted a PCSO.

When the officer asked Tong what he was doing the escaped inmate gave his bizarre excuse before running off through the grounds of St Peter’s School.

He was caught by officers and arrested just two hours after he walked out HMP Kirkham.

When questioned, he said he was fed up of being in the open prison and escaped by climbing over a fence.

Tung –who has been sentenced to a total of 12 and a half years behind bars for 72 offences in his adult life –pleaded guilty to escape from lawful custody.

He was sentenced to 84 days and will not be eligible for release until June 2016.

Tung has now been returned to a closed prison after fleeing from HMP Kirkham.

Judge Simon Newell, sentencing, asked: “Why would he want to escape from HMP Kirkham?

“It’s quite a nice place, as prisons go.”

Sentencing Tung, he added: “It doesn’t take a great deal of effort to escape from HMP Kirkham, as you well know. You can walk out – I don’t think i t even has a wall, just a fence.

“I know because I have walked in.

“You are there under consent.

“I am sure the regime you are under now is less pleasant than it was at Kirkham.

“You have served long sentences of custody. At some stage you are going to have to realise that if you don’t start complying with the regulations these will get longer and longer.”