'I thought they were going to kill me. I thought my life was over' says student slashed by machete-wielding men

The victim of a violent machete attack in Blackpool has today told how he thought he was going to die when armed men burst into his flat as he slept.

Tuesday, 27th November 2018, 6:52 pm
Updated Wednesday, 28th November 2018, 1:00 pm
Conran Moore says he thought he was going to die

Student Conran Moore, 24, was slashed across the hand by one man, who had stormed his bedroom with an accomplice.

Police are now looking for two men, Daniel Davenport, 29, and Daniel Hague, 27, in connection with the serious assault.

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Police hunt for suspects who allegedly attacked sleeping man with machete

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Conran Moore says he thought he was going to die

Speaking to The Gazette, Mr Moore said: “I honestly thought he was going to kill me. I thought my life was over.”

The night before the terrifying attack, Mr Moore, who is an international tourism management student at UCLan, said he socialised at his Lytham Road flat with one of the men, who was a friend of a friend.

They attended Kaos bar on Queen Street, where a scuffle broke out between the 24-year-old and his attacker after Mr Moore said he witnessed the man behaving aggressively towards other punters and confronted him, calling him “a scumbag”.

They were ejected from the club and Mr Moore returned home in the early hours of October 5 and went to bed.

He said later that morning some workmen arrived to do some decorating in the flat, and had the front door propped wide open.

Mr Moore went back to bed, and was awoken about an hour later, at around 10.30am, by the sound of two men shouting outside.

He said: “They were shouting, ‘Where is Conran?’ and I thought, ‘Oh no, I’m scared now’.

“They were shouting at the workmen and the workmen said, ‘He’s in there’.

“I was in my bed feeling half asleep and scared thinking how I’m going to escape. There was no way out except to go past them.

“He ran in swinging the machete while I was in my bed. He was making chopping motions towards my arms and legs and then he went to chop my chest, so I rolled over. I was just ducking and dodging.

“He was at the left side of my bed and the big guy was on the right side. I had no escape.

“There was one big swing coming right near me. I ducked and as I ducked I grabbed my quilt and used it as a shield over my face. The machete hit the part of the quilt where my hand was underneath and it lacerated my hand and made it bleed everywhere.

“I just felt like something heavy had hit my hand. Even though it was sharp, it felt blunt. I thought being stabbed or slashed would feel different, but I just remember how heavy the machete felt against my hand.”

Alerted by his screams, Mr Moore said two of his neighbours rushed into his flat and threatened to call the police, causing his attackers to flee.

Mr Moore said: “They were the brave ones. They ran in and said, ‘Get out, we’re calling the police’. When they heard that, they both ran out of the door.

“I was shaking and screaming because my hand was pouring with blood. My hand felt like it was hanging off.”

Mr Moore was taken by ambulance to Blackpool Victoria Hospital, and transferred to Royal Preston Hospital, where he stayed for a week. He needed 11 stitches in his right hand.

He said: “Thankfully it didn’t get a vital artery, but because it was from my palm down to my wrist I was losing a lot of blood.

“I had a cast from when it happened until two weeks ago. My university has been very helpful though. I was struggling with everything.

“I couldn’t put my clothes on properly or shower properly.

“The worst part was when I was in the hospital when the painkillers would wear off and I was in intense pain. I could feel the rip in my hand. It was a horrible feeling.”

He said the incident had affected him mentally, and that he had suffered a panic attack and fainted after being discharged from hospital.

He added: “At first it affected me mentally because I was going through the trauma – I was having nightmares. I had been going to the doctors with my mental health.

“I’m now feeling better and braver, and trying to focus my mind on other things.”

Daniel Hague and Daniel Davenport

Police say:

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “We were called at 10:38am on October 5 to reports of an assault on Lytham Road.“The victim – a man in his 20s – was in bed when he was attacked with what is believed to be a machete. “The victim was taken to hospital to be treated for injuries to his hand.“Following extensive enquiries, we now want to speak to Daniel Hague and Daniel Davenport as part of our investigation.”Hague, 27, from Manchester, is described as being of large build.Davenport, 29, from Blackpool, has short mousey brown hair and a slim build. He also has links to Manchester.Det Con Ryan Morrison, of Blackpool Police, said: “We’re keen to speak to them and despite making a number of enquiries, have been unable to trace them. If you have any information about their whereabouts, please contact us as soon as possible.”The Gazette asked police last month, shortly after the attack, about running an appeal for the suspects but the force declined at the time. Anyone with information is asked to call (01253) 604157, 101 or email [email protected]