‘I’m going to strangle you’

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court
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A terrified mum was forced to abandon her baby and flee her home barefoot in her pyjamas after her partner grabbed her around the throat in a drunken violent rage.

Timothy Hodkinson, 28, was today waking up behind bars for the shocking attack at a house in South Shore.

Timothy Hodkinson who attacked his partner

Timothy Hodkinson who attacked his partner

Hodkinson was jailed for 16 months - despite the victim’s pleas to a judge to spare him a prison sentence.

Hodkinson, of Threlfall Road, had pleaded guilty to a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm following the incident on December 15.

David Clarke, prosecuting, said the previous evening Hodkinson had been out.

His partner feared he might not come home. She sent him text messages, including one to the effect that the relationship was over.

The following night she discovered at one stage that he wasn’t in the house. Annoyed, she sent a message to say she had locked the doors and it wasn’t worth him coming home.

Hodkinson called her and said: “I’m going to strangle you. I’ll kill you and video it so I can play it back and watch you suffer”.

Hodkinson went back to the house and was stood at the window, staring in, like something from a film, the woman said. She opened the door to him.

Mr Clarke added: “Immediately she was grabbed by the throat by the defendant and pushed into the living room. She could not breathe properly.

“Her vision was becoming blurry. She believes she may have even blacked out. Her next memory is being sat on the settee, with him stood over her. The baby started crying upstairs. She told him to see to the child and she got out of the house, with nothing on her feet and in her pyjamas and dressing gown.

“She went to a friend’s house.” The woman was taken to hospital for a medical check.

The court was also told she believed she would have been dead if the baby had not started crying.

The incident left her crying and physically shaking.

Her left eye was heavily bruised, she had an apparent bite mark on her arm and she was sore under her jaw where she had been gripped.

Mr Clarke went on to say that the woman was at court for the sentencing hearing and it was her wish for them to be re-united and Hodkinson to be given a sentence where he would receive help for various issues and not be sent to prison.

Daniel Harman, defending, said: “He accepts that his behaviour that night was appalling. He is clearly remorseful. He has struggled to look at the pictures of the injuries and had repeatedly broken down with his solicitors.

“He is very keen to address his issues. He is at a loss to explain his behaviour, but wants to make sure that never happens again”.

Judge Pamela Badley, in passing sentence, said “It is very fortunate indeed that she didn’t suffer a worse injury”.

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