‘I don’t want an apology from killer dog owner’

Pictured - Stephanie Curwen leaving Blackpool Magistrates Court.
Pictured - Stephanie Curwen leaving Blackpool Magistrates Court.
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  • Cat owner has spoken out after woman prosecuted for allowing her dog to maim and kill kitten
  • But owner says she does not want an apology and that the 24-year-old does not seem bothered
  • And she believes Curwen now has to face the consequences of her actions
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A cat owner whose pet was mauled to death after a heartless woman allowed her dog to kill the tiny kitten has said she will not accept an apology.

Stephanie Curwen, 24, unleashed her dog Duke so it could attack Regi, a black Bengal kitten in July.

Dog attack on a kitten in Blackpool involving owner Stephanie Curwen

Dog attack on a kitten in Blackpool involving owner Stephanie Curwen

The cat died from a single puncture wound to its lung following the incident in Baron Road, South Shore.

Curwen, of Walter Avenue, St Annes, formerly of Central Drive, Blackpool, walked free from court on Thursday after pleading guilty to causing an animal to fight and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

She was handed a 24-week prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, and was banned from keeping or owning all animals for 10 years.

Today Regi’s owner, Lesley-Anne Brocklehurst, said there was “no way” she would accept an apology after the savage attack.

She added: “I am happy she has got the ban. I feel because of the way she has conducted herself, she has shown no apology whatsoever.

“She does not seem bothered. She should have gone to prison.

“She is a young lady but sadly for us and my neighbours we have only seen the side we have seen that is on camera.

“There has been no attempt at an apology. I would not accept an apology now. If she apologises now it would have to be prompted. If she was remorseful she could have contacted us. There is no way I will accept an apology.”

A vet’s examination of six-month-old kitten Regi found him to have two bite wounds and he died from a punctured lung.

Closed circuit television footage showed the cat had been sitting on a fence when the dog saw it and jumped up.

He then started to walk away but Curwen pointed to the cat and encouraged the dog to jump up at it again.

The cat eventually came off the post and ran into the road, while Curwen let the dog off the lead, and it went after the animal. The court heard when Curwen was interviewed by police she claimed she didn’t think her dog would actually catch the cat.

Curwen was also ordered to pay £200 costs and an £80 victim surcharge.

Mrs Brocklehurst added: “I want to be compassionate.

“She had the chance on Thursday to say sorry. She is only sorry she has been caught. It is a mess she has got herself into. She did not give Regi a chance that night and robbed us all. She will have to face the consequences of what she has done. If you go to commit a crime you have to face the consequences. It is as simple as that.”